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As I mentioned before, I began a fitness journey earlier this year. Needless to say, a lot has happen since then. As I was rounding my 33rd birthday, I began to realize that although I was working out and eating well, my body still did not feel completely normal. I have occasionally though that there may be something going on with my thyroid, but most physicians would simply say that I was “normal,’ or “borderline.” In other words, my condition did not warrant treatment.

Finally, I decided to meet with a hormone specialists and we discovered, well, she, discovered that my blood chemistry was all over the place!

Here are the basic results (in the video and here below):

Watch on YouTube: by clicking on the video link above.

Cortisol levels were too high when they’re supposed to be, too low when they should be low, and then again HIGH at night when they should be low.

Thyroid. My thyroid produces too much TSH and T3 is not being converted to T4. T4 is where your energy/metabolism comes from. Also, T3 relies on Ferritin (iron, which was LOW) and B vitamins to convert.

Cholesterol was perfect. Like better than perfect.

Vit D– normal range is 30-100. My practitioner prefers 50-70. I was at 24! Vit D is crucial for immune support, supports bone/muscle, fatigue, anxiety, and depression.

My DHEA was also too low. This is another metabolism based hormone.
I also was not producing enough melatonin, which may have been why I was not sleeping well at night.

In the upcoming weeks, I will be breaking down each of these topics and discussing them more in depth. Talk to you soon!

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