About Me

Hi All,


My name is Felicia, also known as The Sweatpants Diva! I am the mom of one amazing daughter and a spoiled rotten, Labrador retriever.  We live in a small town in Florida that is less than two hours from a multitude of beaches. As far as the man thing goes, I initially married my high school sweetheart during college. We had our beautiful daughter, graduated, and survived a few more years until things simply fell apart. Time has passed, wounds have healed and I’ve been dating a pretty cool dude for two years now.  My daughter loves him. He loves her and we’re all currently choosing to do life together at this time.

Career/Work life: I work fulltime, as a Physical Therapist and I also own a private Life Coaching business. I love EVERYTHING about medicine and inspiring others. I’m also a lover of travel and new experiences. I don’t own much jewelry because I think it’s too expensive and it gets in the way while I’m working. I also won’t take a sick day unless my MD forces it, but I will drop everything for a vacation!

Why I created “The Sweatpants Diva?”   You see, my mother always was, and is still is the ultimate Diva. She never leaves home without being fully put together. I have even caught her ironing her gym clothes! Me, I am most fabulous in a pair of sweatpants/leggings, my hair in a ponytail, and a tinted pink or red shade of lipgloss and there’s not a single person on this earth that can convince me that I’m not cute!   As a child, my mother would dress me up in the “cutest” little clothes and fill my hair with the most beautiful curls. Well, many times, especially the days of a skirt or dress, I would change into my gym clothes, pull my hair back into a ponytail, and get on with my day!  I know that she meant no harm, which is partially why I went along with it, but I’ve always had a tendency to dance to the beat of my own drum.

THAT’S why I created The SPD! I want to EMPOWER everyone, especially girls and women to be the best carbon copy of themselves as possible; to dance to the beat of their own drum! How awesome would it be if all the women in your life, including you, could shake the standards of what society tries to define as beautiful or successful? How awesome would it be if every girl/woman in your life realized that they are the only one that can truly determine what’s beautiful to them? If only we all knew that we hold the measuring stick to our own success?

Well, that’s why I’m here and that’s why I created The SPD. Thanks for stopping by and taking this journey with me as I leave my positive marks on this earth one step at a time, while juggling motherhood, love, work, my health, and everything else that life decides to throw at me.  Please feel free to email me, follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. All links are to the top right.