2015 Goals

Hi, All!

I hope that you have enjoyed your holidays and are all geared up and ready for all that this new year has to bring! One thing that I do love about the flip of the calendar is that it generates a new sense of freshness. It’s like a clean slate to fix all of the things that you screwed up the previous year and to continue to progress with the things you’re doing right. For me, it’s also time that generates creativity and defines goals. Here’s a video where I share the information that’s also listed below.

At the end of 2015, I would like to have accomplished the following things in the following areas:


• Continue to create an environment that I feel good about. In 2014 I purchased a new nightstand and a new mattress for my bedroom and those additions alone have brought great joy to my sleeping area.

• Be mindful of the things and people that I invite into my home as well as the type of energy that it brings. It is my goal that when people enter my home, that they immediately feel safe and loved. With this in mind, I am learning that it is important to be a bit more cautious of what and who makes it past the door. There once was a time when I never paid attention to this, because I was so “nice,” but being a mom first and foremost teaches me that not every movie, every piece of clothing, every lyric, every food, every friend of a friend, should be invited into our safe haven.

• Continue My Personal Growth with God

• Continue to watch and guide my daughter in her growth, but to incorporate more scripture into our day-to-day life.


• Create more time for myself to do whatever the heck (Southern girl) my little heart desires. Whether that is to workout, sleep, having a pedicure, write, take hike, cook a meal, I just want to do it with no regrets!

• Sleep- 6-hour minimum, most nights of the week. This is a major improvement in comparison to the 2-3 hours that I’ve been doing in the past.

• Follow a plant-based diet. This has been a HUGE change for me and I’m loving it! I’ll update what I’m eating in a later video and blog.

Social Life

• This is a BIG year! Many of my friends are turning 35 this year and WOW, the celebration requests are rolling in! Many of them are going BIG with every right to, because the gift of life is a celebration within itself.

• Family- My family knows that I love them, but I need to stay in better contact. Point. Blank. Period.

• My plans for this year is to actually send more mail through the postal system, call, and visit more.
Letting go of the “All or None,” mentality

I am learning that a little bit of something is better than a whole lot of nothing. Perfectionism has made and gotten the best of me over the years and I’m gradually letting go. I will talk more about this in a future blog/video.

Well, that is all for now, but I would LOVE to hear from you in the comments section! What are your goals for this year? Are there any areas in particular that you would like to give more attention or time to? Feel free to share!

Blogging…turn it down for what?

As I mentioned at the beginning of my last blog post, I am really excited about my blog journey! I’ve chosen to blog for a number of reasons.

1. I began a fitness journey back in February of this year (I’ll insert my FIRST video at the bottom of this post…videos have become a lot better since, LOL!). I started off by vlogging and uploading to YouTube. I had a lot of fun with that, but there were often times, that I wanted to add more details. For instance, when it comes to fitness, it’s NEVER only about losing the weight and/or toning up. There are always other factors involved and that is sometimes hard to explain via videography alone.

summertime fun

(Cycling is one of my favorite things to do while not being able to run; we have great scenery here in FL too!)

2. The second reason I decided to blog, sort of correlates to the first. If only working out and eating healthy were my full time jobs, right? Well, unfortunately they’re not. There are so many other aspects of my life as there are with you and other readers/viewers. I wanted my journey to be as authentic as possible. For instance, I want to be able to share the times that I overslept my alarm or had to skip a workout because my daughter was sick and just wanted to cuddle.


(Yes, there are times that I throw shade to my workouts.  I know, bad girl).

3. Finally, I decided to blog because I have ALWAYS loved writing, sharing, and inspiring.  Always. It’s who I am!

So, yeah, that’s what has caused me to take real estate here on the world wide web. Thanks for stopping by and I would love for you to embark on this journey with me! Please note…this video was my first and is very shaky. Look for “The Sweatpants Diva,” on Youtube for more great videos on workouts and meal planning.