Paleo it is…

Finding the right foods that actually agree with my body has NOT been an easy task. It just hasn’t. I have tried basically everything from low fat, to vegetarian, to gluten free, to…Paleo!

It wasn’t until a few short months ago that I was introduced to the Paleo Diet and I immediately noticed many benefits from it. Personally, I am one that tends to carry a lot of water weight. My face and upper body constantly appear “puffy,” to me from day to day.

That was the first benefit that I noticed; the inflammation decreased significantly! I was shocked! Another issue that I have is that my GI (gastrointestinal) system is very sensitive and my stomach would swell immediately after meals and remain that way for hours, even when I consumed healthy meals of whole-wheat grains! Again, I do not have this problem when I’m on Paleo.

How do I know for sure that these observations are from the Paleo Diet? Well, when I travel, I don’t follow my diet and currently, I also slack off on the weekends. Well, guess what happens during those times?  Yep, my symptoms return.

One would think that that would be enough to force me into Paleo fulltime, and I’m sure that I will at some point, but for now, I still enjoy having a slice of pizza during my daughters sleepovers, a few bites of pasta here and there, and oh, quinoa, I love quinoa and it is not Paleo approved. For now, my goal is to remain 75% Paleo. I’m determined to make this a way of life,  and not just some diet that comes and goes. Paleo is simple. It’s easy to shop for and the food prep is just as easy.

I have other videos on my YouTube Channel regarding it, but here’s the latest one, where I prep 3 days worth of food under 40 mins! I would love to hear any healthy tips that you may have or even the struggle or success that you’ve found along the way with choosing the foods that your body agrees with. Please “Speak Your Mind,” in the comments section at the top.