Well, Hello there Junior High….

We survived our first week of middle school! Well, half week that is. Brooklyn loved her first few days and she adjusted extremely well. I, on the other hand, am finally accepting all of the changes that decided to join it.

When I dropped her off to school on Wednesday, as hard as I tried to hold the tears back, I failed miserably. However, please note, I was tough as a nail in her presence, but once she got out of the car…. that was another story. In any event, I decided to share a few things regarding “my,” new adaptations to middle school.
First day od school

1. No one is there to coddle my baby. In elementary school, when you drop your kid off, there’s a troop of educators and staff, waving “Good Morning,” with happy, smiling faces. Heck, even the Principal comes out to greet you on some days! Not middle school. Here, you drop your kid off and they are expected to know where to go and to get there FAST. There is no time for hanging out until you are within your designated area.

2. Friend Patrol. Come on parents, let’s face it. The more you know about who your kids hangout with, the better. Well, as one would imagine, starting a new school equates to meeting new friends. Even more challenging is that many of the new friends are older…more experienced. For example, my daughter has already been “schooled,” by some of the 7th grade girls as to which group of girls that she “DOES NOT” want to belong to because they do nasty things with boys after school. Really? Ok…this mama had to accelerate more of the birds and bees talk prior to my “scheduled time.” I mean, since she’s already receiving the info, I need to at least ensure that it’s correct. Oh, and “those girls,” yeah, Mom is ok with you talking to them. You’re a leader, not a follower, and just because someone else makes choices against what we believe is right, does not mean that you are entitled to be rude or mean to them. Say “hello,” and keep it moving. (Note to self- Add “rumors” to the list)

3. Finally, organization. Wow. Needless to say, elementary school teachers ROCK in this area and I’m sure that the middle school teachers do as well. However, in elementary school, I believe that the teachers took more pride than I did to ensure that my kid’s notebook remained organized. In middle school, she was sent home with tons of papers and on day one her binder looked a HOT MESS! I believe that one of the teachers will be assisting them next week, but in the interim, she was lost. When it comes to organization, I have found that when given a system, she follows it nicely, but creating her own is challenging. Therefore…guess what skill we worked on this weekend? Creating systems that worked for her and yes, I allowed, ok, forced, her to take the lead. Nevertheless, her binder, planner, and book bag are ready for another week.

Now, these are just the top three things that I’ve noticed. Believe me when I say that there are more. Please forgive me if it appears as if there is a negative connotation behind all of this because I know and am aware as to how important all of these areas are for her growth. I too am growing. I’m realizing that her peers are teaching her things just as rapidly as I am. I realize that I have to pull back in areas of co dependence just a tad bit faster than I initially planned. I’m learning to continue to force her to take responsibility for all of her actions and when she fails, suggest another route. I’ve also learned that it is important for me to remain in the “Parent Role.” She has enough friends. However, I will say, that I can see where parents may unintentionally make the switch. That I never understood before last week.

In any event, I can’t wait to share more of this journey with you all! In the meantime, I’ll share a few pictures and I would LOVE to hear how eventful your first week was!
2nd day od 6th grade